Dr. Stacey Park is a licensed psychologist with a doctorate in
counseling psychology from Colorado State University. She
completed her predoctoral internship at the University of
Utah Neuropsychiatric Institute, an inpatient and day
treatment center setting for children, teens, and adults.
She subsequently completed her postdoctoral residency and
was employed as a licensed psychologist (with a specialty in
psychological assessment) for the Pediatric Psychiatry
department at Kaiser Medical Center in Oakland, California.  

Dr. Park is passionate about forming a collaborative, warm
and safe relationship with her clients. She is focused on
providing comprehensive psychological evaluations to
children and teenagers for a variety of questions (e.g.,
ADHD, learning problems, autism spectrum disorder, mood or
behavioral problems). She is committed to working with
children and families to understand the issues bringing them
to therapy, to provide expertise and knowledge, and also to
provide genuineness and caring in therapy.

On a personal note, Dr. Park grew up in California and enjoys
exploring new places. She lives in Tacoma and spends her
free time reading, cooking, and hiking.

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