*Payments may be made by cash, check, debit card, credit card or HSA card. There is a
$25 charge for any returned checks.

MISSED APPOINTMENTS: Please notify us at least 48 hours in advance if you are unable to
keep your appointment. Failure to provide this notice of cancellation, or failure to arrive
for a scheduled appointment, will result in a $100 fee. Insurance will not pay for a missed
At present, this clinician does not contract with insurance
companies. Clients may pay "out-of-pocket," or may use their
"out-of-network" insurance benefits. For clients using their
"out-of-network" benefits, you will need to pay for each
appointment up front* and then submit an "out of network"
claim to your insurance company, who will reimburse you.

Insurance companies typically reimburse 60%-80% of the costs for
an "out of network" provider, although this rate varies by plan.
Out of pocket rates are $200 for the initial appointment, then
$160 for subsequent appointments.

Third-party payers: Our clinicians work with some third-party
payers for services; for example, sometimes a school district, a
liability insurance company, a law firm, a court system or
another government agency is paying for a psychological
assessment. In this case we require a refundable deposit from
the client to secure an appointment date, and then bill the
third-party payer.