Dr. Louis Nieuwenhuizen (pronounced New-en-hue-zen)
earned his Psy.D. in clinical psychology at Marshall University
in West Virginia. He worked as an assistant professor in the
Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine, specializing in
integrated care in the departments of family medicine,
oncology, addiction services, and outpatient psychiatric
services. He was the principal investigator in several clinical
studies, he has presented at national conferences, and he
has authored or co-authored five peer-reviewed articles.

His background includes Master's degrees in
Industrial-Organization Psychology, and in Clinical Pastoral
Care. He worked as an education coordinator in Oregon's
Asante Health System, providing support to hospice staff
and patients. He was also a founding member and chair of
the Healthy Connections Coalition in West Virginia, which
addresses gaps in local addiction and recovery services.

Dr. Nieuwenhuizen works with a wide variety of presenting
issues, including mood and anxiety disorders, post traumatic
stress disorder, addictions, and attention-deficit disorders.
He sees children, teens, and adults for therapy, in addition
to conducting psychological tests and evaluations.

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