Our building is located adjacent to Fireman's Park in historic
downtown Tacoma.
The building was originally constructed in 1902 as a depot for the
Puget Sound Electric Railroad. This was a railroad that ran from
Tacoma, up through Auburn and Kent (on what is now the Interurban
Bike Trail) to Seattle. The photo on the left above was taken in 1925,
and shows a rail car on the east side of the station. Since that time,
Fireman's Park has been expanded and now runs right up to the east
side of the building. The Old City Hall clock tower is visible in the
background. On the right is a photo of the building from the same
angle in present day. Note that a second story was added to the east
side of the building in the 1970's.
About our offices:
In crafting warm, inviting spaces for our clients, we have attempted
to retain much of the building's original character. This is our "Sunrise
Office," so named because it looks east onto Fireman's Park.
In the 1930s, the railroad depot was converted to offices. The
building was the headquarters of the State Patrol for a few years, and
then was remodeled into an Army-Navy Club. Today the building
houses law offices, medical offices, and several other businesses.
Olympic Psychology Services occupies most of the ground floor.
Our "Atrium Office" looks into our enclosed, brick courtyard. All of the
brick walls and brick floors in our offices date back to the original train