Dr. Hardebeck's answers to
Frequently Asked Questions:

Will my insurance cover mental health services?
    Most health insurance plans will cover visits to a psychologist for therapy
    or psychological assessments. However, coverage can vary a great deal
    depending on your specific plan, so it is important that you are familiar
    with your coverage, or call your insurance company and ask.

    For more specific information about the insurance companies Dr.
    Hardebeck contracts with, visit her fees page here.

    In the event that Olympic Psychology Services does not contract with
    your health insurance company, you may elect to pay out of pocket, and
    then submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement at out
    of network rates. Insurance companies will typically reimburse you for
    60%-80% of the costs for an out of network provider, although this varies
    by plan.

    In some situations, OPS also accepts payment from third-party payees,
    such as law firms, school districts or other government agencies.

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