Dr. Hardebeck's answers to
Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do I need a psychologist? People should be able to make
behavioral changes for themselves, or for their families.
    True, most of the time, people can change their own undesired
    behavior, or can help their children change negative behaviors. When
    individuals and families are able to function healthily, they do not need
    the services of a mental health professional.

    But sometimes people need help because a situation becomes
    unmanageable. Mental health care is similar to physical health care in
    this way: most of us can manage everyday cuts and bruises, but we
    certainly wouldn't think of conducting surgery at home. Helping someone
    who is “having a bad day,” or teaching children to behave properly are
    certainly manageable within most families. But conditions such as clinical
    anxiety and depression, autism spectrum, eating disorders, phobias,
    psychosis, and many, many others are indeed serious. People who have
    these conditions are not just “looking for attention,” and are not able to
    “just stop acting like that” on their own.

    In addition, there are sometimes difficult situations that might ultimately
    be manageable on your own, but a mental health professional can help to
    direct your efforts and get better, faster results. These situations might
    include child behavior concerns, relationship problems, adjustment to
    life changes, and self-esteem difficulties.

    Sometimes families and individuals need the help of a mental health
    provider. It is not a sign of weakness any more than seeking the help of a

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